Lens Surgery Aftercare

Lens Surgery Aftercare at Optimax

Optimax offers up to one year free aftercare on lens surgery treatments.

We believe that continuity is an important part of the Optimax treatment pathway, so your treating doctor will be actively involved in your aftercare.

You will be seen on the day after surgery at your consultation clinic, so an overnight stay at a local hotel may be necessary. Your next appointment will then take place one week following your surgery. The doctor will examine your eyes and assess your individual needs.

Aftercare Appointment Programme

The treatment cost includes all aftercare until you are discharged with a satisfactory result.

  Implantable Contact Lens Lens Replacement
1st visit 1–2 days 1–2 days
2nd visit 7–10 days 7–10 days
3rd visit 4–6 weeks 4–6 weeks
4th visit 3–6 months (discharge if satisfactory) 3–6 months (discharge if satisfactory)

ICL patients would also be required to attend an Endothelial Cell Count test at regular intervals post treatment. You are welcome to return to any Optimax clinic for the test at a cost of £50.

Alternatively, you can arrange this test through a local Ophthalmologist of your choice. Please make sure you ask specifically for an Endothelial test.


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