Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch

“Every patient I see I ask myself, if this was my brother or sister, what would I advise, what would I do... that way I always know they are getting the best possible result.”

| Membership Number - 3323786

Ophthalmology Experience

25 Years

Total Treatments

≈ 10,350

Treatments Offered at Optimax/Ultralase

Laser Eye Surgery

Current NHS Trust

Nottingham University Hospital

Total Treatment in last 12 months

≈ 350

Expertise / Specialist Areas

  • Corneal refractive surgery. LASIK and LASEK specialising in unusual prescriptions and high astigmatism
  • Specialist in aesthetic medicine, international KOL and public speaker
  • Trained pharmaceutical physician with an interest in Pharmacovigilance (safety of medicines)

Success Rate


Satisfaction Rate


Surgeon Satisfaction Rate



† Figures inclusive of NHS and private facility treatments.

* Percentage of patients reaching binocular unaided driving standard vision (20/40) taken from audit period 01/2020 to 12/2020

** Satisfaction rates taken from patient surveys 01/2020 to 12/2020

Figures Accurate as of 08/07/2021