Ask a patient: Collette’s multifocal lens surgery

18 May 2021

Author: Kate Green

Collette's lens surgery

A lifetime of glasses


Back in 2017, we treated our lovely patient, Collette, in our Optimax Liverpool clinic. She had needed glasses for practically her whole life, and finally took the plunge and opted for lens surgery once she reached her 40s. Most people start to need reading glasses around this age, so Collette opted for multifocal lenses in both eyes to ensure that she could live life without any type of glasses or contact lenses.


We spoke to Collette after she came in for her YAG laser treatment (to treat a secondary cataract post-surgery) to find out exactly what made her come in for lens replacement, and to see how life is following the treatment.


Collette’s lens replacement story


I have had extremely poor vision all my life. I can still remember the fear I felt as a child going for my eye tests knowing that it would be bad news and that I would need to continue wearing my jam jar thick National Health pink glasses. For many of my school years I refused to wear them, straining at the board at school, and quite often getting the work wrong, purely because I couldn’t see.


As an adult I succumbed to the glasses out of pure necessity but hated wearing them and how they made me feel.  Then I tried contact lenses... what can I say about contact lenses? Frustrating, painful and very uncomfortable.


Finally after an optician’s appointment, the supply optician suggested lens replacement as my prescription was perfect for the procedure. After a lot of research I found my beloved Dr Ilango and Optimax and that is when my life changed.


The consultation and pre-op care was superb, the staff were so friendly and caring and the facilities are immaculate. I actually enjoyed going for my appointments and felt like I was with friends. The actual surgery was inspiring, so fast and pain free – 8 minutes in total to change a life time of misery.


Two and a half years on, I have had YAG laser to give them a spit and polish and once again my life is back to back to panoramic vision. The only down side is that I can now see the hairs on my chin and the dust in my house!


I know it's cliched but my life has changed beyond belief. I don’t feel tired from having to strain all the time and the freedom is wonderful.


Thank you Dr Ilango, Optimax and the wonderful team.


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We are so pleased that Collette is enjoying the results of her treatment with us!


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