Which British celebrities have had laser eye surgery?

07 May 2019

Author: Kate Green

British celebrities have laser eye surgery at Optimax

Presbyopic laser eye surgery

Last week saw Carol Vorderman announce that she had undergone laser eye surgery to correct presbyopia, the age-related need for reading glasses. Presbyopia is a condition which typically affects people from their 40s onwards and can be treated with monovision laser eye surgery, which is what Carol opted for. This is where your weaker eye is made slightly short-sighted to improve close up vision, while your dominant eye remains untreated (or is sometimes treated for distance vision if needed). The result is that one eye sees well in the distance, the other sees well close up, and they work together to eliminate your need for reading glasses. Although this might sound a little strange, it’s actually a very common solution for presbyopia, and it’s even what some contact lens wearers opt for to eliminate their reading glasses.


We’ve been looking into which other celebrities have had laser eye surgery and there’s no shortage of people to choose from! You may be surprised at some of the following names, and which procedures they’ve had:


  • Keith Richards
  • Richard Branson – LASIK
  • Elton John – Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Phillip Schofield – laser eye surgery to treat presbyopia
  • Denise van Outen – LASIK to treat myopia
  • Bonnie Tyler – laser eye surgery to treat presbyopia, hyperopia and astigmatism


Optimax’s famous faces


We’ve also treated some big names here at Optimax, from athletes and broadcasters, to models and reality TV stars. Lens surgery is another treatment which is often selected by people found unsuitable for laser eye surgery, particularly popular with people who have thin corneas or a really strong prescription. Read on to hear what our patients say about their Optimax experiences:


Sophie Christiansen, Paralympian – “Having surgery has completely changed my life. It’s one less thing to worry about when I'm training and away competing and I do think that having peripheral vision gives me an extra edge. The Optimax staff were very reassuring and the result is perfect!”


Monty Halls, broadcaster – “It's a miraculous feeling actually to be freed of that burden of worrying about lenses all the time. The major benefit for me of LASEK is twofold. One is the lack of admin of having eye surgery means no more contact lenses, I don't use solution, and I don't have to find things in the morning. I save myself time every morning and every evening.”


Aaron Lennon, footballer – “The staff were brilliant from start to finish. Now I’ve got 20:20 vision and it’s amazing. The surgery was very quick and the difference it's made is amazing. I’d recommend Optimax to anyone.”


Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, ski-jumper – “It was very, very difficult trying to ski and ski jump wearing glasses, and also having such a bad prescription because my eyes were so bad. Having the Implantable Contact Lens surgery has impacted my whole life. I’d recommend Optimax to anyone… it’s been fantastic”.


Emma Glover, model – “I came back out into the waiting room after my procedure and I could see everything – it was almost like magic! Having the treatment really has improved my life – it’s so exciting.”


Josie Gibson, TV personality – “I knew the procedure had gone really well when I was driving along and I could actually see the number plates in front of me. Day-to-day life is much easier now because I’m a lot more aware of my surroundings. It’s just perfect!”


Debbie Douglas, TV personality – “I have lost hundreds of pairs of glasses, so financially this is probably better! Over the years I’ve spent so much money on glasses, so getting refractive lens exchange surgery has every plus point you can possibly think of.”


At Optimax, we’ve performed over 430,000 treatments, ranging from LASIK and LASEK procedures, to implantable contact lenses and refractive lens exchanges. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve the vision you deserve.

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