Mother, father and son have their vision corrected together at Optimax

03 September 2019

Author: Kate Green

Family receive laser treatment together

A family affair


Sometimes, treatment at Optimax really can become a family affair. We recently caught up with a mother, father and son who all had treatment with us, and had a chat about their Optimax experiences.


Last year, after struggling with glasses and contacts for years, Teresa came to visit Optimax Finchley Road to talk about her options for vision correction treatment. She was found suitable for laser eye surgery – specifically LASIK – and decided to proceed with treatment. How did she choose Optimax?


“I’m short-sighted and have worn glasses and contact lenses for a number of years. I became tired of the hassle that comes with wearing glasses and contact lenses and had been considering laser eye surgery for some time. Last year, I started to research laser eye surgery providers out of curiosity and found Optimax. They had a considerably higher rating than other providers nearby, had better reviews, and their payment plans made it really affordable for me compared to other clinics.” – Teresa


And how was the actual treatment?


“The procedure was really quick and painless with an incredible recovery – so much so that I was able to work again the next day! I was so impressed that just a few hours after leaving surgery, I already had crisp, clear vision. Now, over a year has gone by and my vision is still as great as it was the day after treatment! I can leave my home without worrying about whether to take glasses or contacts with me.”


Teresa was so pleased with her results that her son, Joseph, decided to come in for a consultation too. He was also found suitable LASIK and went ahead with treatment just three months after his mum did!


“After seeing my mum go through her LASIK journey, I had no doubt that I wanted to get laser eye surgery with Optimax. I’m also short-sighted and relied on wearing contacts every day when working, studying at university, or just spending time with friends. However, I was particularly keen to have treatment because contact lenses caused constant discomfort in my eyes, making them feel really tired and irritated by the end of the day.


The day of the treatment was just like my mum’s; very quick, painless and comfortable due to the attention provided by the staff. As soon as I sat up after treatment, I noticed a huge difference in my vision. I can now easily read from the board at university, watch a film at the cinema without the air con drying out my contacts, and go to the beach without worrying about bringing my glasses. I have been able to enjoy every moment in the last year with perfect vision!” – Joseph


A year after his wife and son’s treatments, father Antonio made the decision to come in for a consultation and discuss his options:


“Unlike my wife and son, I was long-sighted. I realised that my vision was getting progressively worse over the years and knew that I wanted to have treatment to correct it. After seeing how well my family got on at Optimax, I decided to be the next one! The staff talked me through all the options and, with the information they gave me, I decided to opt for a Refractive Lens Exchange with multifocal lenses. 



Because I received a different treatment to my wife and son, and had treatment on each eye separately a week apart, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. However, the day of surgery was quick and pain-free just like my family’s was and, only one day after surgery, I had better vision. I was able to read even better than when I had glasses on and, because I had multifocal lenses put in, my long distance vision also improved considerably. Now, I feel much more confident when facing old challenges like reading small print, and knowing I can go out without bothering with glasses!” – Antonio


Speaking to past patients and hearing how they are finding life post-surgery is always really rewarding. In this case, it’s amazing to see how a whole family have benefitted from treatment at Optimax, and how much easier everyday tasks have become for them. If you would like more information on laser or lens treatments available with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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