Will vision correction surgery save you money in the long run?

25 February 2020

Author: Kate Green

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Costs of glasses and contact lenses


If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you probably know that they can be very expensive indeed. You’re forking out for eye tests every two years, the glasses themselves, contact lens appointments, the actual contact lenses, and contact lens solution on a regular basis. A new pair of glasses might set you back around £200, while the average cost of contact lenses for a month is around £23. Contact lens solution tends to cost around £5 a month so you’re looking at a figure of around £330 a year for all your contact lens needs, plus however many hundreds of pounds you spend on your glasses.


Over the years, these costs really can add up, and you still have to deal with the hassle that comes with contacts and glasses. From having your specs steam up on a chilly day when you step inside, to struggling with blurry vision at the pool because you’re without any type of vision correction, they certainly don’t make life easy.


Thankfully, there are some solutions to these problems in the form of vision correction surgery. This can be either laser eye surgery, lens replacement surgery, or implantable contact lens treatment. You can check your suitability for each procedure by entering your prescription details and age into our suitability calculator. Your suitability will depend on the strength and stability of your prescription, as well as your physical health and eye health.


The prices of these treatments vary as the actual surgical procedures are quite different, with both lens replacement and implantable contact lens surgeries requiring custom lenses to be made for your prescription.


Laser eye surgery costs


For laser eye surgery, we charge a fixed price of £1,795 per eye, regardless of your prescription. This is because it doesn’t actually cost us (or any laser eye surgery provider, for that matter!) any more money to treat higher prescriptions, so we can keep the price the same. All of our laser eye surgery procedures – both LASIK and LASEK – include Wavefront treatment, to provide a smoother, more precise finish. Again, we don’t charge extra for this.


We offer interest free payment plans for up to 24 months, as well as 36 and 48 month plans at 11.5% APR. Spread over 24 months, you can expect to pay £64.38 per eye each month for laser eye surgery (following a £250 deposit per eye).


Cataract and lens replacement surgery costs


For cataract and lens replacement surgeries with monofocal lenses, we charge £2,495 per eye. A monofocal lens provides you with good vision for far distances, and we keep the cost of the treatment the same, regardless of your prescription. It costs more than laser procedure as we have to order in a lens tailored to your visual needs before surgery, before our surgeon can perform the treatment on your eyes. Again, we offer interest free payment plans up to 24 months, so you can expect to pay £83.13 per eye each month (following a £500 deposit), if you have a monofocal lens placed inside your eye.


For multifocal lenses, we charge £3,245 per eye. The price is higher because this lens allows you to focus on both near and far distances, providing all-round good vision. Spread over 24 months with a £500 deposit, the interest free monthly payments are £114.38.


Implantable contact lens (ICL) surgery costs


For ICL treatments, we charge a fixed price of £2,495 per eye. This treatment differs to lens replacement surgery in that your natural lens remains inside your eye, while we simply implant a collamer lens to sit in between your iris and your eye’s lens. ICL treatment is particularly suitable for patients with strong prescriptions, Keratoconus, or irregularly-shaped corneas. Find out more about ICL suitability on our blog. 


Spread over 24 months, following a £500 deposit, you can expect to pay £83.13 per eye for ICL treatment each month. If you wear contact lenses for a high prescription already, and pay monthly for them, you might find that this monthly payment isn’t a great deal higher than what you pay currently – and you’ll remove the hassle that comes with normal contacts!


Get in touch


If you’d like to learn more about the treatments we offer, please do get in touch. You can either drop an email on enquiry@optimax.co.uk, or call 0800 093 1110 to speak to our expert staff. You can also book in for a consultation online to start your vision correction journey.


Prices and monthly repayments are correct as of February 2020, but are subject to change should our payment plans or treatment costs increase. Optimax are under no obligation to honour the prices listed in this article in the event of changes to our payment plans.

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